‘Storm Area 51’ Organizer Gets Official Approval For ‘Alienstock’ Festival So This Is Really Happening, People

Storm Area 51 Organizer Gets Official Approval For Alienstock Festival

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When 21-year-old Matty Roberts jokingly created a “Storm Area 51” Facebook event earlier this year he had no idea what kind of monster he had unleashed.

After almost a million people signed up for the event, the U.S. Air Force felt the need to actually issue a stern warning to anyone planning to actually “Storm Area 51” and saying it “stands ready to protect America’s assets.”

Undeterred, sportsbooks started setting odds, hotels were booked to capacity, simulation videos were created, strippers were ordered, and oh yeah, the FBI showed up on the doorstep of the “Storm Area 51” event creator.

Now, with over two million people signed up, “Storm Area 51” organizer Roberts from Bakersfield, California has created an actual event for the dates he originally posted, Sept. 20-22.

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On those dates, in Rachel, Nevada – the town closest to Area 51 – the first Alienstock music festival will be taking place.

There’s even a website, which explains how to get there, “Head towards Rachel, NV – located down the Extraterrestrial Highway. “The Little A’LE’INN” is a great destination to plug into your GPS to find the right place.”

Yes, the Extraterrestrial Highway is a real thing.

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Speaking to Metro about the event, Roberts said, “The only word from the base so far is the Airforce spokeswoman basically saying its a live training ground for the US Airforce and trespassing is strongly discouraged. Really though it amazes me how smoothly this has gone, I think the majority of Lincoln County is just very excited to be part of something global like this, and pieces just keep falling into place.”

One of those pieces to fall into place is Roberts getting the official go-ahead as his permit for the event has been approved.


Ultimately, the board issued the special permit for Alienstock, with one caveat: a pre-declaration of emergency for the town, in case things go awry during the festival, at the suggestion of the county sheriff’s department and emergency management office, Bevan Lister, the board of commissioners representative for the seat in nearby Pioche told TIME on Tuesday. “We felt it prudent,” Lister said.

Lincoln County Commissioner Varlin Higbee told ABC News, “We’re going to declare an emergency so we can get ahead of it. So we don’t get in the middle of the emergency and you don’t have your medical evacuation team, the sheriff is going to have to deputize a lot more law enforcement.”

There is no fire department, or even a gas station, in Rachel, Nevada – population 54 – not to mention all the porta-potties that will be needed.

The event itself will be free, however there will be a charge for camping and parking.

“They can’t stop us from gathering and celebrating Aliens!” the event’s website reads.

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