These Awesome ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Posters Are Epic Tributes To Iconic 70’s And 80’s Films

by 2 years ago
Stranger Things Season 2 Posters

Stranger Things / Netflix

We are 42 days away from the Stranger Things Season 2 premiere on Netflix. Season 2 drops on October 27th, the Friday before Halloween, and the trailers thus far have been nothing short of spectacular.

Season 1 of Stranger Things became an overnight cultural phenomenon. People who hate/can’t stand Sci-Fi Thrillers were drawn to the series because it captures 70’s and 80’s nostalgia in a way that no other TV series has been able to do. Stranger Things nailed that vintage Americana that made the classic Sci-Fi and Thriller films so epic.

Netflix has released a series of posters for Stranger Things Season 2, and each of the posters pays homage to a classic film…I’m sitting here wondering if it’s too early to print these out, frame them, and put them up in my man cave because they’re that good:

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