New Study Names The Best And Worst States For Millennials Based On 36 Key Metrics

Study Names The Best And Worst States For Millennials


Poor millennials, and I mean that literally, they just can’t get any respect. If they aren’t running around killing everything the rest of the world holds dear then they’re being stereotyped as entitled, parentally dependent, and emotionally fragile. Not to mention, Millennials are bad with money. Like, so bad that Millennials only account for 5% of all the wealth in the U.S.

What’s a millennial to do?

One possible solution might be moving to a state where they will actually feel appreciated. Feelings are very important, after all.

Now then, where exactly would that be?

Thanks to the folks who study this sort of thing over at we may have some answers to which of the states are the best and worst for millennials to reside. After all, according to them, “the millennial experience is not the same everywhere.”

Based on analysis of each state plus D.C. across 36 key metrics, ranging from share of millennials to millennial unemployment rate to millennial voter-turnout rate, has determined…

The 10 Best States/District for Millennials in 2021
1. Massachusetts
2. District of Columbia
3. Washington
4. Minnesota
5. Wisconsin
6. Colorado
7. Iowa
8. Utah
9. Pennsylvania
10. California

Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Connecticut, Hawaii, and New York all rank high among millenials for education and health.

North Dakota, Texas, Washington, Iowa, and Missouri are the top states when it comes to affordability.

While District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York and Colorado take the top spots overall for quality of life.

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In case you were wondering, and I know that you are, here are…

The 10 Worst States/District for Millennials in 2021
51. West Virginia
50. New Mexico
49. Mississippi
48. Oklahoma
47. Louisiana
46. Arkansas
45. Nevada
44. Kentucky
43. South Carolina
42. Alabama
41. Delaware

West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, New Mexico, and Arkansas come in last for quality of life.

Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi rank last for education and health.

While Hawaii, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire bring up the rear in affordability.

So, millennials, do these states’ rankings ring true to you? Let us know in the comments below.

The rest of the best, and worst, states for millennials…

11. Illinois
12. North Dakota
13. Vermont
14. New York
15. Ohio
16. Nebraska
17. Virginia
18. Oregon
19. Michigan
20. North Carolina
21. Connecticut
22. Texas
23. South Dakota
24. New Hampshire
25. Indiana
26. Missouri
27. Tennessee
28. Kansas
29. New Jersey
30. Georgia
31. Rhode Island
32. Florida
33. Arizona
34. Maine
35. Maryland
36. Hawaii
37. Wyoming
38. Idaho
39. Montana
40. Alaska

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