The Sun Will Be Cooler And Dimmer Soon In A Cycle That Once Turned Seas Into Ice

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A new scientific report is estimating that the sun will be cooler and dimmer soon. This fluctuation is part of a cycle for the sun, but scientists predict this upcoming cycle will be more severe than the usual variations. Our life-giving star is expected to encounter something called a “grand solar minimum,” which will have noticeable effects on Earth and alter weather patterns. Scientists forecast this particular minimum of solar activity to arrive by the year 2050.

The sun encounters regular cycles of solar minimums, where activity is low, and solar maximums, where the star is extremely active. Generally, these patterns alternate approximately every 11 years. However, a team of scientists led by physicist Dan Lubin of the University of California, San Diego, predict an upcoming grand solar minimum will be decidedly calmer than usual grand solar minimums. The researchers estimate that this upcoming solar minimum will be 7% less active than a typical solar minimum.

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