Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies Are Keeping Me Calm As I Ski For The First Time In Years

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As a dude who grew up in Northeastern Ohio, you’d think that I would be a little less anxious about going on a ski trip this weekend with a few buddies. Let’s face it, I was born and raised around snow, oftentimes with the white stuff being well over a foot while I was in middle and high school.

But, while plenty of friends were busy shredding the gnar around those parts, I was busy playing indoor soccer or basketball, never really making it to the bunny hills on a couple of fiberglass skis, fearing that I’d end up biting it pretty hard or, worse, just making a complete ass out of myself. Thankfully, I don’t need to worry as much about that this weekend, because I’m planning on popping a couple Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies and, boom, I’ll be as cool as a cucumber out there.

Sunday Scaries

Now, don’t get me wrong, as a 34-year-old man who has (somewhat) responsibilities, the thought of grabbing a ski lift to the top of a mountain in Bend, Or. sounds, well, intimidating. After all, it’s been since about two years ago that even attempted skiing, and, while I came out in once piece, I wiped out a few times — hard — which means I need something outside of just Spanish Coffee to calm my nerves down.

Clearly, that’s why Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies are the perfect choice.

Not only do these little gummies help me stay focused — which, you know, is kind of important when skiing down a mountain of ice — but they make me relax, even giving me enough mind power to attempt such an activity. Chill + focused = productive. I’ve got this.

sunday scaries cbd stress relief

Sunday Scaries

Since I don’t want to be the one buddy who wusses out skiing this weekend and fake pulls a hammy or something, I’m relying on a man’s best friend in situations like this, making sure that I’ve got some Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies in my coat pocket before gliding (or tumbling) down that hill. Plus, who knows, maybe these gummies can come in handy with some ski bunnies who need a little relaxer, too.

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Sunday Scaries

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