I Posted My Son’s Superhero Question Online And Accidentally Started A Beef Between Luke Skywalker And Captain America

Cap vs. Luke

Instagram via @MessageWithABottle

For the past eight years, I’ve been chronicling my life as a dad one note at a time on a website called Message With A Bottle. It started as just a side project to make other parents laugh at my inadequacies and odd observations while being a stay-at-home dad and to make them feel better about their daily screw-ups.

Eventually, the notes took on a life of their own, ending up on hundreds of different websites, being turned into a daily calendar and getting an entire segment of Good Morning America. Watching George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts read my jokes on live TV in front of millions of people was mind-melting and for a long time I imagined “nothing is topping that shit.”

Then yesterday happened.

A note involving a question my son once asked about the logistics of lightsabers and Captain America’s shield. Like most questions my kid asks, I’m clueless as to the answer, so I posted the query to my Instagram account.

A young woman from Michigan named Hannajoe Settlemyre found that note and decided to go straight to the source(s) for an answer.  She tweeted the photo at Mark Hamill and Chris Evans (Luke and Cap respectively) to get their take.

Luke was kind enough to reply while also setting forth a slight challenge to Steve Rogers.

Never backing down from a challenge, Captain America replied and showed he’d always find a way to survive. I mean the dude went toe-to-toe with Thanos, a Jedi is really NBD.

This is like watching my parents fight. Except in this scenario, my parents are beloved icons so this fight is way worse and PLEASE STOP I LOVE YOU BOTH IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!!!

Seeing my notes on GMA was cool. Getting Luke Skywalker and Captain America in a Twitter beef is awesome. If it all leads to this idea, I can leave this world knowing I left my mark.

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