The Hot Box Office: All Of This Week’s Trailers, Rumors, Releases And Netflix Gems

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As the entertainment industry exponentially expands, so does its constant coverage — blogs, podcasts, YouTube shows, and magazines to cover every episode, casting announcement, trailer, and movie release that happens during the course of the week.

Add in all of those “New On Netflix This Week” articles out there and the influx of information for the average pop culture nerd can become overwhelming.

But what if someone fixed that? What if someone compiled all of the must-see trailers, all of the trendiest rumors, all of the pending release dates, all of the most-fuego latest gear into one easy-to-consume article?

What if the hero we deserve and the hero we need is actually just a weekly entertainment newsletter?

Wonder no more, because The Hot Box Office is here.

News & Rumor Roundup

– Spider-Man is heading back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. [read more]

– The first reactions to The Irishman have been overwhelmingly positive. [read more]

– Stranger Things fans think there’s a hint about Chief Hopper in the Season 4 teaser. [read more]

– Chris Evans wants to appear in Kevin Feige’s upcoming Star Wars project. [read more]

– Warner Bros. and J.J. Abrams reportedly discussing a Superman reboot. [read more]

“What’s Dropping Slime?”

Joker – Thursday, October 3

Lucy in the Sky – Friday, October 4

Peaky Blinders, Season 5 (Netflix) – Friday, October 4

Big Mouth, Season 3 (Netflix) – Friday, October 4

The Blacklist, Season 7 (NBC) – Friday, October 4

Mr. Robot, Season 4 (USA) – Sunday, October 6

Trailers & Tings

6 Underground

Stranger Things 4 Announcement and Teaser

Aaron Paul on El Camino

The King’s Man Official Trailer #2

El Camino: Go for Joe

Classic Sitcom Moment of the Week

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Gang Dances at their High School Reunion (Season 7, Episode 13)

Throwback Watch of the Week


Official Synopsis:  A young man grows up in the mob and works very hard to advance himself through the ranks. He enjoys his life of money and luxury, but is oblivious to the horror that he causes. A drug addiction and a few mistakes ultimately unravel his climb to the top.

Our Review: With the first reviews for The Irishman beginning to hit the internet, now is as good of a time as ever to go back and watch Goodfellas. And really, is there ever a *bad* time to watch the Scorsese classic? Similar to Pulp FicitionGoodfellas just doest not seem like a film that came out a quarter-century ago because of how ahead of its time it was when it came out.

Netflix Gem of the Week


Official Synopsis: Economic advisor Martin “Marty” Byrde suddenly relocates the family from the Chicago suburb of Naperville to the summer resort community of Osage Beach, Missouri, after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong, and he must make amends to a Mexican drug cartel by setting up a bigger laundering operation in the Ozarks. When the Byrdes arrive in Missouri, they become entangled with local criminals including the Langmores and Snells.

Our Review: Unfairly compared to Breaking Bad, Ozark is a different, albeit still extremely competent and enjoyable, “difficult man” drama. With a handful of wins at this year’s Emmy Awards, Ozark is now getting the recognition it deserves as one of TV’s best dramas.

Pop Culture Must-Cops

The Last of Us (Remastered) – BUY IT HERE


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