A New Teaser For ‘The Snyder Cut’ Is Here, Already Looks Better Than The Original ‘Justice League’

Warner Bros.

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I have a confession to make: I am GASSED ALL THE WAY UP ABOUT THIS WEEKEND. After a year that’s been absolutely devastating to the entertainment industry, DC FanDome is finally here to save nerds like you and I from a summer without blockbusters, and with it, comes the first trailer for The Snyder Cut (in addition to first-looks at The Batman, The Suicide Squad, and all sorts of other dope shit).

Zack Snyder, the director of the now-mythical Snyder Cut, is certainly doing his part to make sure that the hype train continues to steamroll into DC FanDome on Saturday, as he released a teaser trailer earlier this morning that, once again, already looks better than the original theatrical version from 2017.


DC FanDome is in just a few days, so make sure to catch up with The Post-Credit Podcast’s DCEU Rewind, which you can stream below or listen to wherever you get your podcasts. The first three episodes covered the Snyder trilogy — Man of SteelBatman v. Supermanand Justice League — and the fourth, which dropped on Wednesday, tackled Wonder Woman. Also be sure to check out our “regular”, non-DCEU episode from earlier this week where discuss Netflix’s Devil All The Time, Shia LaBeouf to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and interview Jake Johnson.

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