TikToker Shares Dodgy ‘Underboob Hack’ For How To Get A Free T-Shirt At Disney World

TikToker Shares Underboob Hack To Get A Free T-Shirt At Disney World

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  • TikToker claims she used “underboob” to get a free t-shirt at Disney World.
  • Her video has now been viewed almost 19 million times and received almost 4 million likes.
  • More weird news here.

If you are looking for a good life hack these days one of the best places to find them is on TikTok.

Some are obviously better than others, but there is no shortage of TikTokers out there trying to make life just a little bit easier for everyone.

TikTok user @amandaaadimeo, real name Amanda DiMeo, is one of those people trying to make the world a better place. Kind of. Using underboob.

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On Wednesday, DiMeo shared a new TikTok life hack video which purports to show how a person, a person who has boobs, can easily score themselves a free t-shirt from the Disney World gift shop.

It must be a really good life hack because her TikTok video has now been viewed almost 19 MILLION TIMES and received almost 4 MILLION LIKES.

“Okay guys, new Disney hack,” says DiMeo in the video. “If you’re wearing a shirt that shows a little underboob, they’ll write you a ticket when you first enter Magic Kingdom. I’m not sure about the other parks, but they’ll write you a ticket so you can get a free shirt at the nearest gift shop.

“I just got a $75 t-shirt just because I was wearing a shirt that was exposing my underboob a little bit. So, yeah. If you want free Disney shirts, that’s the hack.”

Fast forward, and there she is looking at herself in a bathroom mirror wearing her free Disney World t-shirt.

“Okay, but it’s so cute. And if it’s free, it’s for me. Thank you, Disney,” says the video.


Free Disney shirt hack #fyp #disneyworld #disney

♬ Castaways – The Backyardigans

“Damn. Guess I’m taking a road trip to Disney,” wrote one male viewer.

“It’s people like you that make Disney not want to do nice things,” wrote another viewer.

“Yo, the disney entrance is going to be WILD for the next few months,” commented another.

Of course, several men jumped in with comments about showing underball or undernut to get themselves a free shirt, which I have my doubts will actually work.

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