Tinder Has Changed The Hook-Up Game Forever With A Revolutionary New Feature

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It’s kind of wild to think about how dramatically the general perception of online dating has shifted since the days when “I’m trying to find love on the internet” was essentially synonymous with “I’m actively looking for a stranger to murder me on the World Wide Web.”

Our increasingly crippling reliance on the internet to facilitate virtually every facet of our lives is probably the biggest factor in that change in perception, but you also can’t overlook the widespread embrace of dating apps like Tinder that took the world by storm a little less than a decade ago.

I’d argue “dating app” is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to describing what most people used Tinder for when it initially burst onto the scene; sure, you could tell someone you were looking for a date, but it wasn’t exactly filled to the brim with people on the hunt for long-term relationships. By now, it’s evolved to a point where no one will bat an eye if you say you met your spouse on Tinder, but there are still plenty of users preserving the spirit of those early days.

Now, Tinder is making life easier than ever for anyone who primarily peruses it in search of someone looking for a casual hook-up, as The Verge reports the company has partnered with Lyft to allow users to send a free ride to matches without having to leave the app. In order to take advantage, you can just head over to the Explore tab and pick the amount you’re willing to spend on a one-way or round-trip ride (you’ll also have the option to pick a location for the destination).

As the outlet notes, your match doesn’t have to accept the ride, and it would appear there’s currently nothing preventing them from taking you up on the offer and using the voucher to go somewhere else. With that said, those downsides can be canceled out by some solid upsides, so you’ll just have to use your best judgment.