Tom Cruise Returns To ‘Mission Impossible 6’ Set To Continue Doing Own Stunts After Injury

On Friday we learned that Tom Cruise could be part of an ensemble cast for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Manson Family movie that will definitely star Leonardo DiCaprio and may star Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson, and Al Pacino. But before Cruise jumps into this project, he’s got to finish Mission Impossible 6, where he got injured attempting a stunt.

If you recall, Cruise was filming Mission Impossible 6 five months ago when he attempted a stunt of jumping between two buildings in London. The 55-year-old actor didn’t have enough pep in his step or the stunt coordinators didn’t lift Cruise high enough and he crashed right into the side of the building. He fell to the ground in obvious pain and eventually hobbled off the set. Cruise suffered a broken ankle and has been recovering from his injuries ever since.

Do you think the guy in charge of making sure that Tom Cruise didn’t slam into a building got fired? He probably got fired. Well, Tom Cruise is back! He didn’t let slamming face-first into the side of building hold him down. Cruise was back on the set of Mission Impossible 6 and this time he was ready to nail the rooftop jump. Cruise was seen jumping out of a high window and running across the glass roof of the Blackfriars Train Station in London. The filming brought traffic to a halt as Cruise performed a stunt over the Thames River.

You can see photos and video of Tom Cruise running and jumping over at TMZ. Despite the setback, Mission: Impossible 6 is still scheduled to be released on July 27, 2018. At the ripe old age of 55 and the net worth of $470 million, maybe it’s time that Cruise stop doing his own stunts.

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