T-Pain Singing A Mashup Of His Hits *Without Using Autotune* Is So Good It’ll Blow Your Mind

This is Faheem Rashad Najm, a master of dropping Billboard 200 hits, but you all know him as T-Pain. Throughout his career, T-Pain has been known for using autotune in a literal shit ton of his songs. From 2006-2010, T-Pain appeared on/was featured in more than 50 #1 singles, and his track ‘Low’ went Platinum 6-times over.

Autotune worked really fucking well for T-Pain, but I guess I’ve always assumed he needed autotune to sing on tracks, not that it was just the mechanism that was most commercially successful for him over the years.

T-Pain appeared on Kurt Hugo Schneider’s YouTube channel for this mashup track above. In this song, T-Pain belts out a medley of his songs without using any autotune, and I doubt I’m alone in thinking that this is the best T-Pain has ever sounded. Until now, I had no fucking clue that he could sing so purely…Actually, now that I’m really thinking about it I vaguely recall seeing T-Pain in a coffee house segment with NPR a few years back where he blew everyone away with his vocals.

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