Vegan Influencer Exposed As Fraud And Slammed After She Was Caught On Video Eating Fish (GASP!)

A raw vegan influencer has angered her millions of followers after she was exposed as a fraud for the irredeemable sin of eating meat. Ironically, the vegan lifestyle vlogger was brought down by another lifestyle vlogger’s video.

Yovana Mendoza Ayres is a lifestyle blogger who built an empire by preaching a raw vegan diet to her followers. Under her influencer name Rawvana, Ayres was able to amass over 1.3 million followers on her Instagram and has nearly 2.5 million subscribers on her two YouTube channels that has over 203 million views. The 29-year-old has parlayed that popularity into even selling meal plans on her website.

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Ayres claims that her veganism helped her overcome alcoholism and nicotine addiction. Earlier this month, Rawvana took a trip to Bali, which she called a “plant-based paradise.”

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However, Rawvana was in another lifestyle influencer’s video and Ayres was caught eating fish. Not exactly the thing to do when you preach about your raw vegan diet over and over again in video after video. You can see Ayre attempt to cover up her salad that has fish in it.

Fish isn’t vegan? Rawvana’s vegan fans were outraged that she ate seafood. Which is so weird. Generally speaking, vegans are such happy-go-lucky folks who don’t get fueled with anger and rage over the most minuscule incidents. Vegans flooded the comments on Rawvana’s social media accounts with angry hate for eating meat and calling her a murderer.

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After the online hate mob attacked her accounts for being a fraud, Ayres apologized in a YouTube video.

The vegans must have raged harder than walking past a butcher shop when they watched Rawvana’s apology video because she admitted that she has been eating meat for a while now. The reason… Yovana’s doctor instructed her to eat meat.

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After switching to a raw vegan diet, Ayres said she had become anemic and suffered digestive issues. “I wasn’t ovulating,” she said in the video. “I was basically anemic and my thyroid levels were low. It was really bad, but it was borderline.” Her doctors recommended that she put on more weight and suggested that she eat fish and eggs. GASP!

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“I decided to put my health first,” Rawvana said. “It was difficult for me to eat that because I felt a lot of guilt and shame.” Apparently, not enough guilt and shame to admit it to your followers who you fooled into thinking you were a hardcore raw vegan.

“My heart is with the vegan community and I want to reiterate that the plant-based diet is not what made me sick,” Aryes said in a statement. Live by influencer videos, die by influencer videos.

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