Twitter Roasts Mom Who Reveals She Feeds Her 12 Children In The Most ‘Vile’ Way Possible

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As Twitter user @MapleCocaine so eloquently put it, each day each day on Twitter there is one main character.

The goal, as the tweet says, is to never be said main character.

Well, today that main character appears to be a New York woman Alicia Dougherty. The good news for Dougherty, who is 42 and resides in New York, is that she didn’t do anything extremely racist or homophobic or anything like that.

She did, however, gross a whole lot of people out.

Asia Grace of The New York Post has more on the story.

Dougherty, you see, is a mother of 12. And when you have 12 children, you have to get a bit creative sometimes. This time, however, Dougherty got a bit too creative.

While celebrating Cinco De Mayo, Dougherty (who is not Mexican, for what it’s worth) decided that nachos would be a good snack for her kids. It’s a good choice, honestly, and relatively healthy compared to other options.

It’s not what she fed the kids that amazed people, but rather how she did so. Dougherty, who goes by the handle @DoughertyDozen on TikTok, put the kids’ snack in a large plastic baby pool and had them dig in.

Now, some of you may think to yourself, “well that’s just resourceful.”

The rest of us, however, are extremely grossed out.

“This is vile,” one commenter noted.

While another asked “at what point do we start to think, ‘This is insane?,’ cause I think you are beyond that point.”

Twitter users were equally disgusted by the video.

Look, raising 12 children sounds like a lot. And so long as the kids are happy and healthy, that’s really all that matters. But maybe feeding your children in a poor that has likely been urinated in isn’t the world’s best idea?

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