The Internet Is Being Torn Apart By A Viral Salt Shaker Life Hack Video

pouring salt shaker - ridges purpose


Every now and then the internet gets thrown into a tizzy over a life hack food video that goes viral usually for one of three reasons.

Those reasons are because (a) it blows so many people’s minds, (b) it makes people angry, or (c) it starts an argument.

Today, we have an example of the rare video that’s gone viral on Twitter for all three reasons.

“At what age did you realize the ridges on the bottom of the salt shakers had a purpose?” Twitter account Today Years Old asked on Monday.

The tweet shows a video of someone holding a salt shaker over a pot of food cooking on the stove. At first, a little salt trickles out of the shaker. But then, THEN, the person holding the salt shaker rakes a fork across the bottom of it and voila! Salt comes pouring out of the shaker with each scrape.

Is your mind blown?

With responses like “just now,” “52” and “39 & some days,” there are numerous people whose minds were indeed blown.

However, if your first thought upon watching that video is something along the lines of “that’s not what those ridges are for,” you are far, FAR from alone.

“That’s 100% not the intended purpose,” read one response.

“Hahaha. Salt shaker. It’s got it in the damn name. It’s not a salt scrape it with a forker,” another person observed.

“So, that’s not what it’s designed for, and has shaking really become THAT much of a burden?” someone else asked.

Then there was this person…

Mostly though, people on Twitter were just left aghast at how much salt was being put into that pot.

“So much salt that I’m getting high blood pressure just watching,” someone commented.

“Heart attack for sure,” another person added.

“Forreal though. I’d feel like a cow licking a salt block,” read another comment.

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