Viral TikTok Ranking Friend Group’s Annual Income For Vacation Purposes Exposes $125,000 ‘Broke Bobby’


The bad news is that inflation-fueled U.S. Consumer prices rose 5.4% in July, the highest rate since the Great Recession. Home prices surged 17 percent this summer in the fastest climb in 17 years. The taunting penalty will destroy the NFL.

The good news is that you are alive. And, uh, I think that’s about it.

Take that slither of optimism into your consumption of the content below consisting of TikToker Tom Cruz unveiling the spreadsheet he and his friends put together detailing their incomes for group “vacation” purposes.

Columns are broken down into the following:

  • Name
  • Projected 2021 Income (High: $5 million, Low: $125,000)
  • Available PTO
  • Expected Bonuses (High $75,000, Low: N/A)
  • Max Spend Per 3-Day Trip (High $80,000, Low: $10,000)
  • Max Spend Per 7-Day Trip (High $175,000, Low: $5,000) 
  • Marital Status:

  • 3rd World Destinations: (10 Yes, 8 No)
  • Private Flight Split (8 Yes, 10 No)
  • Degenerate Gambler? (9 Yes, 9 No)

Like most things on the internet, this is probably completely fake. Why would the guy who’s only willing to spend $15,000 be a YES to split a private flight? Why is the dude who makes $5 mill a year married?

Why is $125,000 Broke Bobby open to anything outside of a Greyhound bus to Toledo? Hell, he should be trying to figure out how to create passive income with no money so he can catch up to his buddies.

Let’s change that. Please consider donating.

Stop tweeting about it and donate. Bobby would do it for you. If he could afford an internet connection.

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