Viral Video Of Woman Appearing To Defy The Laws Of Physics As She Falls From A Rope Swing Explained

Viral Video Of Woman Defying Laws Of Physics Falling From Rope Swing


There are few things people on the internet love more than being stumped by an optical illusion or really, anything visual that doesn’t appear to make sense (see Dress, The).

Rarely though does an optical illusion blow up to the point of it going viral.

One such instance of that happened to occur over the past week or so, when a video of a young woman falling from a rope swing appeared to defy gravity and all the known laws of physics left tens of thousands of people absolutely gobsmacked by what they had just witnessed.

Everything starts out normally, and it looks your typical video of someone getting ready to swing from a rope and jump into a body of water like a lake or a pond.

After confirming that, yes, someone is indeed filming her, because video or it didn’t happen these days, she takes the leap, completely misjudging her own ability to hang on to the handle and her hands slip, causing what should be her prematurely falling into the water. (Terrible form, by the way, totally an amateur move. You always make sure there’s no slack in the line before you jump, otherwise you risk getting your arms ripped off at the shoulders.)

However, instead of plummeting into the water, her body seems to pause, take a turn – in midair – and only then does she splash down.

This bizarre display led to many questions.

Did she bounce off some invisible force field? Was someone or something photoshopped out of the video, causing her to make that sudden move? Is she secretly a witch whose powers kicked in when her adrenaline spiked after her hands slipped off the handle?

All reasonable inquiries.


Comments ranged from “What in the Blair Witch Project is going on here‼️” to “да внимательно присмотритесь. Там веревочка свисающая видна. За нее и зацепилась. Тоже чудо нашли!”

After over 212,000 views, it was revealed that, no, there wasn’t any glitch in the matrix. She actually got her leg tangled in a second thinner rope that is used to tether the rope swing so it doesn’t get stuck out hanging over the water where no one can reach it for the next jump.

“Look at the bottom of the rope,” one commenter explained.

So there you go.

That being said, even with the truth being revealed, it’s still pretty wild to watch though, isn’t it?

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