These More Than 25 Creepy Ways Robots Are Becoming More Human Spells Doom For Us All

Ways Robots Are Becoming More Human


So who is going to get us first? Killer clowns, the animal kingdom, or the robot uprising?

Me? I think it’s going to be robots. Artificial intelligence is going to be the death of us all.

If, for some reason, you don’t think robots are becoming more and more human and lifelike, you should, because they are, and it’s creepy AF. And I am not talking about Alexa, Siri or robot vacuums. Though they too are a little spooky in their own ways.

Don’t believe me? Check out this inventory of 25 ways robots are becoming more human compiled by list25

25. They can answer our questions.
24. They can become citizens.
23. They create art.
22. They are altruistic.
21. They can show empathy.
20. They can use the scientific method.
19. They can run and leap.
18. They can dance.

17. They show emotions.
16. They have skin.
15. They have human mouths.

14. They can eat.
13. Their hands are more similar.
12. They can be news anchors.
11. They can be friends.
10. They can be tourist guides.
9. They are almost self-aware.

Ways Robots Becoming More Human


8. They go to war.
7. They can read.
6. They can defy their programming.
5. They can drive cars.
4. They can cook.
3. They can play music.
2. They can have sex.
1. They can be nurses.

(BONUS REASONS: They can assemble IKEA furniture without murdering someone, they can shoot free throws better than you, and they know how to fight back. Though they do suck at skiing. Stupid robots.)

Learn more about how creepily human robots are becoming in the video below.