Man Breaks Bar Crawl World Record By Drinking At An Impressive Number Of Pubs In 24 Hours

Welsh Man Sets Bar Crawl World Record By Drinking At 54 Pubs In A Day


  • A man in Wales set a new world record after having a drink at more than 50 bars over the course of a single day
  • Gareth Murphy went on a bar crawl in Wales on his way to breaking the mark that was previously set in 2021
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Much like I was surprised to learn a tire company is responsible for the concept of the coveted Michelin stars handed out to the best restaurants in the world, I remember being fairly shocked when found out the Guinness Book of World Records volumes I used to scoop up whenever the Scholastic Book Fair rolled through town were the brainchild of an employee at the very same Guinness that brews what is arguably Ireland’s most beloved export.

It’s been more than 70 years since the man in question got into an argument at a bar concerning which of the game birds he had a penchant for hunting could fly the fastest, which led to the first copies of what was initially dubbed The Guinness Book of (Superlatives and now) Records being distributed in 1954.

The internet has made the physical copies people once relied on to settle those kinds of debates virtually irrelevant, but Guinness still serves as the authoritative adjudicator when it comes to determining who reigns supreme in wide array of categories, including distinctions like World’s Biggest Mouth and the Fastest Soda Chug.

Now, a 29-year-old man who resides in Wales has joined those distinctive ranks, as UPI reports Gareth Murphy can now brag about the certificate he received after officially setting the new mark for “Most Pubs Visited In 24 Hours” earlier this year.

Murphy set out to surpass the 51 watering holes the previous record-holder patronized over the course of a single day back in 2021, and ultimately managed to do exactly that in February over the course of a bar crawl that bought him to 54 different spots in Cardiff (any establishment that’s “licensed to sell alcoholic beverages on the premises” was fair game).

In an attempt to cut down on the risk of alcohol poisoning, Guinness doesn’t require anyone trying to break this record to actually consume any alcohol; they’re permitted to add a tally to their total as long as they purchase and consume any type of drink.

Murphy did throw some beer back during a journey that officially kicked off at 10 A.M. and officially came did an a little less than 12 hours later,  but as you can see from the list of everything he consumed, juice was his drink of choice:

  • 4,915 ml (8.6 pints) of orange juice
  • 2,845 ml (5 pints) of apple juice
  • 1,023 ml (1.8 pints) of beer
  • 500 ml (0.8 pints) of lemonade
  • 284 ml (0.5 pints) of Diet Pepsi
  • 250 ml (0.4 pints) of Tango
  • 189 ml (0.33 pints) of blackcurrant cordial
  • 125 ml (0.2 pints) of Coca-Cola
  • 125 ml (0.2 pints) of Guinness
  • 125 ml (0.2 pints) of cranberry juice

If you’re curious, Guinness also has a record for the most pubs visited over the course of a lifetime, which is currently held by a guy who’d popped into 51,625 different bars as of 2019.