Wendy’s Just Dropped The Mic On McDonald’s, Again, And Their Constantly Broken Ice Cream Machines

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Wendy’s Twitter account, or more specifically, the woman behind their Twitter account, is absolutely savage. The overall tally of bodies that Wendy’s has left in its social media wake is utterly John Wick-ian.

From burning a troll so bad he deleted his account to getting blocked by Hardee’s after picking a fight with them to dissing the Golden State Warriors, no one is safe.

Hardee’s is not the only fast food franchise to feel the Wendy’s Twitter wrath either. There was the epic rap battle they had with Wingstop, their brutalization of Burger King back in December, and their roasting of McDonald’s over their always broken ice cream machines back in November.

Don’t worry though. McDonald’s said, in March of 2017, that they are going to be fixing their ice cream machines. And yet…

So now, once again, because why not, Wendy’s took aim at McDonald’s constantly disappointing people by failing to deliver on their ice cream wishes (there’s an app for that now, by the way). All it took was someone tweeting that a Fisher-Price McDonald’s Soda Fountain probably works better than their ice cream machine.

That would be a reference to yet another burn Wendy’s dropped on McDonald’s last March.

Pretty much.

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