Will Ferrell Hosts Thanksgiving ‘SNL’ With Ryan Reynolds, Larry David, Tracy Morgan And Woody Harrelson

Will Ferrell hosted Saturday Night Live this week as he joined the Five-Timers Club. But Ferrell wasn’t the only celebrity to appear on SNL, the sketch comedy TV show featured a bevy of celebrity cameos and former castmembers.

There were so many celebrities in this week’s SNL, but Will was most in awe of Ryan Reynolds. Ferrell was so flustered by Ryan Reynolds in the SNL audience that he was completely distracted and flummoxed by the Deadpool actor during his opening monologue. Especially when he found out Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively were huge fans of his. Tracy Morgan makes a surprise appearance.

Reynolds stuck around to appear on Weekend Update, where he performed with the “Guy Who Just Bought a Boat.” Reynolds was the “Guy Who Knows the Owner,” and the two pickup artists gave insightful Thanksgiving dating tips.

But it wasn’t just Ryan Reynolds who made a celebrity cameo, there were several more in the parody of the most recent 2020 Democratic Debate. Woody Harrelson played Joe Biden, and ironically was against the legalization of marijuana, something Woody is a proponent of. Larry David reprised his role as Bernie Sanders, which he has done since the 2016 Presidential Election.

Former SNL castmembers Rachel Dratch played Amy Klobuchar, Maya Rudolph returned as Kamala Harris, Michael Bloomberg was portrayed as Fred Armisen, and Will Ferrell was Tom Steyer.

Keeping with the political theme, Ferrell appeared as U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland along with Alec Baldwin’s President Donald Trump as he takes questions on impeachment.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday, so there were two Turkey Day-themed skits. Ferrell plays an “old-fashioned” grandpa in a Native American tribe who attempts to find common ground with a European settler, and that common ground is that corn is indigestible and shows up in your poop. The other Thanksgiving sketch was a new line of Heinz ketchup that doesn’t make fart noises when you squeeze it.

Ferrell somewhat reprised his Frank the Tank role from Old School as he crashes a high school party despite being over 50-years-old.

Ferrell also played ventriloquist Wally Culpepper and his wooden puppet Chippy, who doesn’t appreciate Will getting all handsy with him without consent.

Ferrell appeared in a Bertucci’s pizza ad that goes to a dark place quick.

Then in a 90 Day Fiancé-esque comedy bit, Ferrell plays a broke shoe-shiner that falls in love with a Moldovan woman.

Check out clips from Will Ferrell’s previous appearance on SNL.

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