Will Ferrell Causes ‘SNL’ Castmates To Laugh And Break Character During ‘Reality Stars’ Skit

Does your girlfriend or wife watch one of those over-the-top reality TV shows such as Real Housewives and you end up watching because it’s on once or twice a week? The outlandish shows where everyone is absolutely fake and they’re forced to hang out with each other even though they hate each other. There’s always some stupid drama because the writers put the reality stars in some contrived situation and some of the women purposely start unnecessary bullshit because they crave attention. SNL made a parody of those TV shows and it starred Will Ferrell as an overly tanned, overly hair-gelled, overly botoxed reality star.

Joining Ferrell’s character was his dog Peanut who can’t walk and his reality star wife played by Cecily Strong. The Real Housewives-esque couple go back to their hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona after filming in California for the fake reality show Kings and Queens of Santa Clarita. The plastic surgery-enhanced couple visit old friends at a barbecue and things have changed.

Ferrell was so hilarious during the skit that he caused fellow SNL castmates Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong to break character and laugh. “I told Lorne after the show that I might have broken during this sketch,” Strong said on Instagram. “A comedy hero and a dog hero and lil ol me with a bad face lift gave me one of my favorite moments foreva eva. Like, this is one of those where on days where I’m not feeling great, I can watch this on YouTube and I’ll start laughing a bunch.”

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