SNL: Will Ferrell Lampoons Over-Dramatized Reality TV Shows Like ‘Real World’ And ‘Big Brother’

Will Ferrell hosted Saturday Night Live this week and enjoyed a glorious return. Ferrell left SNL in 2002 and has only come back to host the sketch TV show four times. One of this week’s hilarious skits was called “The House” where Ferrell lampooned those super over-dramatized reality TV shows where a group of strangers live in a home together.

The skit parodied everything from the fake friendships to the odd camera angles to the cheesy music to the exaggerated confessionals. Ferrell, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, and Tracy Morgan (Sadly, not nearly enough Tracy Morgan for my liking) are castmates in a reality TV show much like the Real World, Big Brother, Jersey Shore or Floribama. The “drama” is all about “movie night” in The House and shit hits the fans when a simple misunderstanding threatens to blow-up all of the relationships. This is definitely what happens when strangers are picked to live in a house, then people stop being polite and start getting real.

Check out Ferrell’s other impressive sketches from this week’s Saturday Night Live including his cold open as George W. Bush, as a Top Gun-like fighter pilot with an intimidating name, and as a Real Housewives-like reality TV star.