Warner Bros. Reportedly Mulling Releasing ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ On HBO Max

Warner Bros.

Why use boring, old fashioned words to explain something when you can instead use infinitely more enjoyable GIFs?

According to a report from Variety, Warner Bros. is reportedly considering releasing Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max following a slew of delays that has seen the film pushed from June to October to its current release date of Christmas day.

The report states that Warner Bros. execs are currently considering two options. The first option is the simplest, and that would be pushing the film back to Summer 2021. With the knowledge of a working vaccine around the corner, this is where I’d place my money, as Wonder Woman is simply too big of a property to role on out television screens.

The other option is more complex and also far more beneficial to fans, as Warner Bros. would “keep the movie on its Dec. 25 theatrical debut and then put it on the HBO Max streaming service in early January.”

Warner Bros. is obviously keen to drive the subscription growth of HBO Max, which has been lackluster thus far, especially when compared to Disney+’s eye-popping total of 70 million subscribers in just one year. In its third quarter, HBO Max had just 8.6 million active users, which pales in comparison to its competitors. Something as massive as Wonder Woman 1984 — the sequel to inarguably one of the best comic book movies of all-time — would certainly help in that regard.

Frankly, there’s no easy decision for the studio, especially considering which studio it is — Warner Bros., of course, is also the studio that took a gamble on Tenet back in August. In a perfect world, Wonder Woman 1984 releases to a newfound regular world next year and cracks a billion dollars. But with HBO Max relatively floundering and the future of theater-going still uncertain, releasing WW84 on the streamer could prove to be the game-changer it needs. As a fan, this is obviously the option I’m rooting for, but as a professional, I’m putting my money on a theatrical release.

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