School Principal Has The Worst ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Luck Of Any Contestant Ever

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Getty Image / Gerardo Mora

One of the most exciting parts about watching Wheel of Fortune on TV is seeing a contestant get in ‘the zone.’ Those moments when they are seeing the board perfectly and racking up prizes from the wheel spins make the show great.

On the flipside, watching a Wheel of Fortune contestant struggle mightily is also entertaining albeit for different reasons…

Justin was a recent contestant on Wheel of Fortune. He is a school principal back at his home in Kansas City, Missouri. And he might have the worst luck of any WoF contestant in the history of the show.

Every. Single. Time. that Justin spun the wheel disaster struck. Things got so bad the show tweeted out a video of Justin’s misfortune:

If Twitter doesn’t work you can find the video here on Instagram.

Justin’s spins in order:

1. Bankrupt.
2. Bankrupt.
3. Lose a turn.
4. Bankrupt.
5. Bankrupt.
6. Lose A Turn.

It was only on Justin’s 7th and final spin on Wheel of Fortune that he landed on a $ amount but that was during the ‘Triple Toss Up’ and it was only because he had to keep spinning UNTIL he hit a dollar amount.

Folks on Twitter had a lot to say about Justin’s struggles with the wheel:

Really? Ever?

It was a first for many viewers:

Hopefully, he gets another shot at the show sometime in the future.

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