Watch Action Bronson Slug A Stage Invader In The Face And Then Throw Him Offstage During His Lovebox Set

by 4 years ago

Action Bronson is no stranger to delivering the hurt on anyone trying to interrupt his set. In March, he tossed a dude who ran onstage back where he belonged during a show in New York, knocked out another dude in North Carolina, and judo threw someone offstage back in 2013.

This weekend, during his Lovebox Festival set in London, Bronson returned to his bouncer-like ways and delivered a haymaker to an invasive fan before sending him back into the crowd.

The dude was reportedly seen after the show with an ice pack on his head. Good try, good effort bro.

P.S.–Bronson’s outfit reminds me of the dude you played pickup ball with at the park in high school who sucked but shot every time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.08.46 PM


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