Well… We’re All Gonna See Justin Bieber’s Penis

by 5 years ago


When Justin Bieber was arrested for drinking and driving back in January, he apparently took a leak in his jail cell. While a security camera was rolling. You know, like a mature adult would.

Now, the judge in the case has ruled it’s relevant to the prosecution’s efforts. Thus, the video will become part of the public record. Which means we all get to see it. The judge, William Atfield, had this delightfully accurate quote about Biebs.

“He has lost his expectation of dignity, and that’s what’s most important here.”

True. Beiber has lost any expectation of dignity.

Unfortunately, though, his legal team successfully argued the dick should be blurred out. However, this being 2014 and the internet, you just KNOW we’ll get the unblurred version somehow.

And you will click. Because of course, you will. I will, too. There’s no shame in wanting to see Justin Bieber’s dick.

[H/T Death and Taxes, Image: JStone / Shutterstock.com]

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