Amanda Bynes’ Parents Have Basically Said ‘Fuck It, We Give Up’

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Since being being released from a psychiatric facility Amanda Bynes has pretty much been acting exactly the same way she behaved before she was locked up exhibiting the kind of bizarre behavior that one would not associate with a person not having mental issues.

It has been especially noticeable on Bynes’ Twitter account with horrible accusations about her parents and her dad in particular in addition to several wild claims such as having a microchip being implanted in her head that makes her say things.

Bynes’ parents Rick and Lynn, who on the surface, have appeared to not have done a whole hell of a lot to help Amanda have reportedly now decided that they’re giving up, as TMZ says they will be releasing the conservatorship they have over Amanda to another person. Oh, and they’re moving to Texas. I guess because that’s nowhere near the two cities where Amanda hangs out. Girl just be too cray-cray

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ … Amanda will now be under the thumb of a mental health professional who specializes in handling people with severe mental illnesses. Her parents will ask the judge to transfer conservatorship powers to that person.

We’re also told the parents have made arrangements to transfer power over financial matters to another person … presumably a money manager.

They go to report that Bynes’ parents hope that with someone else managing Bynes’ affairs they’ll be able to forge a better relationship with her… from Texas… where they will be living closer to their older daughter… because she’s obviously the one that needs them around her right now.

UPDATE: Amanda just posted this to Instagram with the caption, “My father never touched me I just wanted my belongings and control over my finances again so I can move to nyc and become the person that im becoming and have some more plastic surgery so I can be pretty for my soon to be husband !”

bynes dad

Amanda Bynes, Instagram

Yesterday she posted the same photo with the caption, “FYI If you see this man then call the police and hide your children he belongs in jail for the rest of his perverted life.”

Totally sane.

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