Amy Schumer Spent Over A Half-Hour Defending Herself Against Joke-Stealing On Jim Norton’s Show

The last 24 hours haven’t exactly been the best for Amy Schumer. Yesterday three stand-up comedians banded together to accuse Schumer of comedy’s biggest mortal sin: Joke theft. To make matters worse, she was just accused of the same thing only a few months ago from a bit from the late, great Patrice O’Neal.

This afternoon she responded to the allegations on Twitter. Then she went on her friend Jim Norton’s Advice Show to talk about said joke theft for about 35-minutes, along with the 17-year-old kid she roasted on Twitter after the People’s Choice Awards. It’s worth noting that Jim Norton famously defended Schumer back in October during her Patrice O’Neal joke theft scandal.

I listened to the whole conversation. She doesn’t really present any evidence that she lifted the material besides her willingness to take a polygraph. However, Schumer DOES mention that things are pretty tense between her and one of the accusers, Tammy Pescatelli. She also suggests that Tammy’s just a jealous hater since Schumer’s career exploded. Based on Tammy’s tweets this evening, Pescatelli not really into Schumer’s schtick of innocence:

Meanwhile, YouTube comments seem pretty outspoken. In fact, some people are downright pissed to see Jim Norton defend his friend.

So… Did she do it?

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