Did This Shitty Acting Reel Manage To Land A Bro A Role In A National Advertising Campaign?

Look how shitty that acting reel is up there. That’s so damn bad. Like, why the shit would you ever hire a person after watching it? It’s like writing a half-assed resume, sticking it in the toilet you pooped in, pulling it out, putting it in a manila folder and immediately hand delivering it to a company you want to work for, so they get this unreadable, wet, figuratively and literally crappy piece of paper.

But our Brandon Wenerd was watching TV and noticed the dude from that dump of a YouTube clip in a Time Warner commercial. That’s him, right?

Wow. I mean, I know Time Warner sucks as a cable company, but I would think they would at least have an eye for acting.

Anyway, this is just more proof you don’t need talent to get anywhere in life.

[That dude is our friend Mike Camerlengo and we love him. He is actually very talented. Here are some of his pieces. And this is the best video he ever made. This is the second best. You should follow him on Twitter.]