Dr. Baron Davis Removes Joe Dirt’s Balls From His Ass In Scene From ‘Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser’

The long-awaited sequel to Joe Dirt is almost upon us. That’s right, on July 16th, Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser will air on Crackle and sadly, only there.

So that means we only have one more day to gird ourselves for what should be one of the greatest sequels of this or any other generation.

Thankfully, Crackle has helped us get through these next 24 hours by dropping this scene from Joe Dirt 2 starring former NBA star Baron Davis as a doctor tasked with removing Joe Dirt’s nuts from his ass.

How did Joe Dirt’s balls end up in there, you ask? They got punched up there and according to Dr. Baron Davis Joe’s stomach is starting to digest them. That’s why he needs to break out the tongs he got from Sizzler to get them out asap.

“There’s always some good pussy at Sizzler,” says Davis as he preps for the extraction. Gold.