Bill Murray’s Ideas On Who Would Be Great In ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Are Gonna Piss A LOT Of People Off

The original Ghostbusters movie was an iconic 80’s classic that people still watch today. Sure the special effects haven’t exactly aged “well,” but it’s still a funny film and hey, who doesn’t love Bill Murray? He’s basically the whole reason anyone ever still watches Ghostbusters in the first place, which makes him the unofficial go-to when it comes to people asking about who should be cast in the upcoming Ghostbusters 3.

However…his picks are gonna piss a lot of people off. Check out the video below:

Now if you’re confused about why actresses like Melissa McCarthy and Emma Stone would make anyone mad, congratulations on being open minded. However, there’s quite a large group of people who abhor even the idea of an all-female cast. Don’t believe me? Here’s just some of the Facebook comments we got the last time Ghostbusters 3 was rumored to have a female cast:

Personally, I don’t see a problem with an all-female cast as long as the movie ends up being quality, and since my mantra is “When in doubt, side with Bill Murray” I’m all about a female cast, just as much as I would be down for an all-male cast because all I really want out of this situation is another Ghostbusters movie.

What do you think?