Gamer Creates The World From ‘BioShock Infinite’ In ‘Fallout 4’

BioShock Infinite is one of my favorite video games of all time. The story of former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt is one of the most revolutionary video game stories I’ve ever played. Gruff and existential almost to the point of being straight up nihilistic, I was glued the second Booker becomes a hunted man, five minutes into the game. I barely put it down for two months.

The game’s setting, Columbia, is one of the reasons why BioShock Infinite is so incredible. An intricate, fictional suspended city in the clouds by levitation, Columbia is made of massive blimps, hot air ballons balloons, reactors, and propellers. It’s happy-go-lucky town full of weirdos thinking they live in a religious utopia. It’s great.

Amazingly, one gamer decided to meld the worlds of Bioshock with Fallout 4, this season’s hottest adventure game. According to Game Zone, the social channel Girl Plays Game used over nine different mods to recreate BioShock Infinite‘s suspended cloud city. The mods are as follows:

Check it out above. I’m now officially jonesing for a next-gen version of BioShock, even though I haven’t even come close to crossing Fallout 4 off my winter to-do list. What do you think we’ll get first, gamer Bros — the next BioShock OR Red Dead Redemption 2?


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