A Bro Dressed as Psy, Crashed All the Sweet Parties at Cannes

So it was for this hero, who spent a couple of days traveling from party to red-carpet event to party at the Cannes Film Festival under the guise of “Gangnam Style” singer Psy. He posed with celebrities, he appeared in a video for a radio station, and he carried himself by constantly wearing Psy's trademark round glasses and trimmed jacket. (And, we guess, not talking much.)

It's possible the unidentified man could have kept the party going for much longer—but yesterday, the real Psy tweeted “seems like there's another ME at cannes…say Hi to him @scooterbraun lol #PSYinSINGAPORE,” and now Fake Psy has gone in hiding. You had a hell of a run, Fake Psy. You're an inspiration to us all. This is just the kick in the ass I need to tell women I'm Ryan Gosling tonight.

(This plan will not succeed.)

Here's Fake Psy with Ms. Moneypenny from Skyfall

And the Trailblazers' Nicolas Batum:

And Adrien Brody, hahahahahahaha:

Here's where the situation gets really good: Yesterday, theives got away with a $2.3 million necklace, in what's being dubbed the Second Great Cannes Jewelry Heist. (The first—a job that stole several thousand dollars worth of jewels—also occurred in Cannes a week ago.) What if Fake Psy was some sort of decoy for a multinational operation? It'd be like the awful sequel to Oceans 11 when Julia Roberts pretended to be, uh, Julia Roberts

I want this to be true so badly. The movie can be “Robbing Gangnam in Style.” I'll collect my royalties now.

[H/T: The Atlantic Wire]

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