Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Had The Best Gun Control Debate Against Each Other On Twitter

chrissy teigen john legend gun control twitter

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The gun control debate is at a fever-pitch due to the awful attack in Orlando.

On Monday after much debate and a 15-hour filibuster by Democrats the government failed to pass any new legislation.

Naturally, this set Twitter ablaze with both sides expressing their feelings on the subject.

Not to be left out, because she usually isn’t shy with her opinions, one of our favorite Twitter follows Chrissy Teigen decided to weigh in on the topic after seeing a tweet by her husband John Legend.

Teigen surprisingly decided that she would take the opposite stance, tongue planted firmly in cheek…

Naturally, this being Twitter and opinions being unwelcome, Legend then “blocked” his wife…

Of course, this was all staged, probably to show how silly people sound when arguing on Twitter, and to prove it someone busted them with this response…

Nice middle finger, Chrissy. Good one, guys.

H/T Uproxx

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