Christopher Nolan Hates Netflix And His Reasons Why Actually Make Quite A Bit Of Sense

christopher nolan hates netflix

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Christopher Nolan, director of some of the coolest and most-acclaimed films in our lifetime like Memento, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Interstellar, is definitely NOT a fan of Netflix.

Nolan, who has been making the rounds talking about his new film Dunkirk, explained to Indiewire in a recent interview why he isn’t a fan of the popular streaming service and it kind of makes sense. At least from his perspective.

“I think the investment that Netflix is putting into interesting filmmakers and interesting projects would be more admirable if it weren’t being used as some kind of bizarre leverage against shutting down theaters. It’s so pointless. I don’t really get it,” said Nolan.

“They have this mindless policy of everything having to be simultaneously streamed and released,” continued Nolan. “So they’re not even getting in the [theatrical] game, and I think they’re missing a huge opportunity.”

Nolan isn’t against ALL streaming services creating original films, however. In fact, he applauds the way Amazon has done it with films like The Big Sick, saying, “You can see that Amazon is very clearly happy to not make that same mistake, the theaters have a 90-day window. It’s a perfectly usable model. It’s terrific.”

He definitely makes some valid points considering what he does for a living and how he does it.

Nolan also explained in a another interview why Tom Hardy’s face always seems to be covered up in his films.

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Nolan told the Press Association: “I was pretty thrilled with what he did in The Dark Knight Rises with two eyes and couple of eyebrows and a bit of forehead so I thought let’s see what he can do with no forehead, no real eyebrows, maybe one eye.

“Of course Tom, being Tom, what he does with single eye acting is far beyond what anyone else can do with their whole body, that is just the unique talent of the man, he’s extraordinary.”

And here I thought this was the reason…

The more you know, I guess.

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