Watch Ciara Kick A Guy Right In The Face Trying To Give A Sexy Lap Dance On Stage

The last time we saw Ciara give a fan a sexy lap dance on stage it turned out, well, kinda creepy, but at least no one got hurt.

Based on that performance, plus the fact that Ciara is now dating Russell Wilson perhaps giving lap dances during concerts might be better left to others at this point, right Rihanna and Nicki?

Of course, as usual, the comments were the true highlight…

“She had a Flashback to the Future.”

“He ain’t care tho.”

“Oh my goodness cici lol, you ain’t have to kick o’boy all up in the face?”

“but I can’t see this working with Brother Russ lol.”

Okay, one more time or three…

H/T BlackSportsOnline