Donald Trump Singing The Mac Miller Song Named After Him Is Inexplicably Hypnotizing

I was introduced to Mac Miller like 5 years ago through his song “Donald Trump” and I’ve pretty much been listening to that heater ever since. It never gets old to me. I’ve been at parties and, after drinking too much, I’ll play it like 4x in a row before people start noticing. One time one of my buddies went to a farm party (if you bros don’t know what that is, look it up before you accidentally get invited and walk into something you aren’t expecting) and played this song on loop for about 3 hours without anyone noticing or getting upset about it. It’s one of those songs.

Which is why I’m so hypnotized by this supercut/mashup of Donald Trump speeches that make him sing the aforementioned song. Does it work as well as the original song? Almost. Probably could be put on loop at farm party without people noticing. It depends on how many hard drugs make the cut.