Marvel Unexpectedly Dropped The ‘Dr. Strange’ Trailer And It Looks Out Of This World

And by “unexpectedly,” I mean they dropped it on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night, and it was only confirmed a few hours earlier in the day…

One of Marvel’s next theatrical installments will be Dr. Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange aka Dr. Strange aka the Supreme Sorceror charged with protecting the earth from all kinds of other-realmly bad dudes.

Not gonna lie, this trailer looks pretty sick (Inception like, almost). And come on, anything with the guy known for playing BBC’s Sherlock attached has to be excellent, right? Dude is a phenomenal all-around actor, and Dr. Strange for sure has one of the more unique storylines and concepts as far as comicbook heroes go.

The film is set to drop November 4, and if all goes well at the box office (from this teaser how could it not!?) it looks like we’ll be seeing Dr. Strange become a big part of the Marvel movies universe in coming years.