Emma Watson Embarrassed The Crap Out Of Herself And Jimmy Fallon The First Time They Met

We love Emma Watson and we love Emma Watson movies, but Emma Watson comes off as the type of woman who embarrasses pretty easily. Not often because she’s very composed, but I get the vibe from her that she turns beat red on the rare occasion when she sticks her foot in her mouth. It just so happens that one of those rare instances of embarrassment came the first time she met Jimmy Fallon, and she told the story last on Fallon’s show.

Jimmy Kimmel’s most famous and successful recurring sketch happens each year the day after Halloween. He asks parents to hide their children’s trick-or-treat candy and tell the kids they’ve eaten it all, and film the reactions. Last year’s Halloween Candy Prank from Kimmel was his best yet. They seem to get better every year, and I’ve yet to meet a person that doesn’t enjoy these clips.

Anyway, the first time Emma Watson met Jimmy Fallon she opens the conversation by telling him how much she loves his Halloween candy prank. At first, Fallon had no idea what she was talking about, but he slowly realized she was referring to his biggest West Coast competitor, Jimmy Kimmel. It sounds like Fallon handled it like a gracious host instead of poking fun at her, but it still makes for a great story.

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