Gigi And Bella Hadid’s Hot Stepsister Dropped A Solid Burn On Leo DiCaprio And All The Models He’s Banged

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First off, how many hot sisters are there in this friggin’ family?! Now, in addition to Gigi and Bella Hadid, we’ve also got Erin and Sara Foster (left and right above). Not to mention, the Hadid girls also have a hot mom too boot. The genes in this family are amazing.

I guess Erin and Sara are on some show on VH1 called Barely Famous, which seems appropriate since I had sadly never heard of either of them until today.

Anyway, Erin is apparently a comedian, and as her two stepsisters were preparing to work their magic at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Erin was making jokes. Jokes at the expense of one Leonardo DiCaprio and the bevy of Victoria’s Secret models that he has beeded.

Check out what Erin posted to Instagram with the caption, “Raise your hand if you’ve told Leo you’re on the pill.”

Raise your hand if you've told Leo you're on the pill.

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Considering that DiCaprio has dated at least 10 current and former Victoria’s Secret models in his amazing life, that’s a pretty great burn right there.

Now then, about there being two more sexy sisters in this family… let’s investigate that a little further shall we? I think we shall.

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