Here Are Shots From a Naughty ‘Futurama’ Cosplay, And Dear God, Look At Bender

by 4 years ago

Futurama Parody

I’m still not 100% on board with the adult film parody craze.

In some cases I totally get it. An adult film version of Orange is the New Black or Pretty Little Liars and I’m on board, here’s my ticket, I’m taking a seat and let’s take this train to porn town. Next stop, THREESOME!

But…this…Futurama adult film parody. I’m hoping off the train and possible while in motion.

Thankfully, this isn’t a full film, but just an an all-female, and eventually naked, live-action Cosplay photo shoot paying homage to the beloved cult classic cartoon. Titled F**karama (naturally), the photo shoot was created by the team behind the XXX parody of The Simpsons. Photographed by Chad Duerksen, the ladies cosplay all our favorite Futurama characters like Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Professor Farnsworth and Zoidberg.

Bender and Zoidberg are the real talking points of this shoot because they’re ridiculous and the stuff of nightmares.

Bender Cosplay Parody

Zoidberg Cosplay Parody

Bender: “Hey! I got a busted ass here and I don’t see anyone kissing *it*!
Dr. Zoidberg: All right, I’m coming!

To see all the photos, check out the official website.

Photos courtesy of WoodRocket / Chad Duerksen


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