FX Greenlights a Very ‘Louie’-Sounding Pilot from Comedy Sensation George Lopez

George Lopez, the man who has made a yawningly average living off being a Mexican-American comedian, is coming to FX's new comedy network, FXX for a brand new series that the network seems to have a shit-ton of faith in. They've ordered 10 episodes for Saint George, a series following a divorced entrepreneur father (played by Lopez) who’s trying to balance work and family life, his family life consisting of his 11 year-old son, an uncle, his ex-wife, and recently moved in mother. If the series does well, FX will allegedy order an additional 90 episodes. 

I've never been the biggest Lopez fan, but the idea does seem pretty 2013. A lot of the setup stuff that's made Louie so sucessful, but with the Lopez kick, and the sorts of things that were seeing more and more nowadays–i.e. the three generation household (where everyone is so different, but also not! Oho!!! Comedy!!!). And with Lopez running the show, it should be able to move into the direction he wants it to go in.

[H/T: Laughspin]