Tough Little Girl Challenged Gaston To An Arm Wrestling Match At Disney World And Got Her Ass Kicked



Naw, just kidding. Unlike the kid he wiped the floor with last week in a pushup contest, Gaston’s opponent this time was far more cunning. She knew she was out-muscled, so she cheated and beat him and then she refused to give him a rematch. Same thing happened to me in grade school, Gaston. I know it stings now, buddy, but it’s not the knockdowns that define us. You will win next time. Provided your opponent is a child and not a hungry Lincoln Hawk who’s entire life hangs in the balance of one arm wrestling tournament. You can’t beat a guy like that.

P.S. What the fuck is going on with Gaston’s biceps? They’re either fake or he’s spending far too much time in the squat rack crushing straight bar curls.