James Corden Sent His Parents To WWE’s Monday Night Raw As Correspondents And They Formed A Tag Team Instead

I’m a big fan of James Corden. I don’t watch him as much as I’d like to, but I’m a big fan. I’ll drop whatever I’m doing to watch the latest Carpool Karaoke the minute that bad boy hits the Internet. Honestly, it’s a good thing my life isn’t that important, because I’ve wasted some time watching James sing to his iPhone camera with famous people. And by some time, I mean more than I’m willing to admit on a public forum.

But Corden’s not just a charming English accent and mini-concerts in motor vehicles. The guy has all kinds of secret weapons hidden up his sleeve to keep his audience laughing. Weapons like his parents, whom he sent to Monday Night Raw to be his eyes and ears. Which they were. They also created their own tag team called M&M (Eminem?) that featured a sliding trombone as their walk-on song.