John Oliver Went All In On Billy Bush And Donald Trump In One Of His Best Segments Ever

By now every one of you reading this has heard about the leaked audio clip of Donald Trump and Billy Bush that has Donald Trump talking about grabbing chicks by the pussies. The fallout from that clip, thus far, was Donald Trump holding an impromptu press conference prior to last night’s Town Hall debate with women who have accused Bill Clinton of rape, and Billy Bush is suspended from NBC’s TODAY Show pending review and didn’t appear on the show this morning (I’m guessing he’s getting fired). In less than TWO days that ‘grab them by the pussy‘ clip was already the single most shared topic on Facebook of the entire 2016 Presidential Election, that’s how viral this shit went overnight.

In a brief segment on Last Week Tonight John Oliver went ALL IN on Billy Bush and Donald Trump, ripping the two grown ass men a pair of gaping new ones. He held nothing back in this rant on accountability and how we’ve long since past the point of apologies. On the off chance that YouTube clip gets removed here’s a Streamable version via UPROXX:

As an objective observer, I’d say that last night Donald Trump won the Town Hall Debate at Wash U. in St. Louis. After his first 20 to 30 minutes of catastrophic meltdown, Donald Trump actually got it together, threw some effective zingers, and even answered one or two questions in full. Some say that last night’s debate will help Trump at the polls, but a quick look at FiveThirtyEight will show that Donald Trump currently only has a 17.8% chance of winning the election and Hillary Clinton has an 82.2% chance. So I do think we’ve reached that point of no return, but not in the sense John Oliver was talking about, I think we’ve reached it in the sense that there’s no way in hell Donald Trump can make up a deficit like that in just one month, it’s not possible.