Justin Bieber Tries To Get Turnt Off Of Hennessy, Makes Severe Party Foul Instead



When we last saw the Justin Bieber he was attempting to shotgun a beer, and well… it was a fucking disaster. Now he has advanced to Hennessy, but he ain’t ready for that either.

The Biebs was partying it up with Rae Sremmurd onstage in New Zealand. After being handed the bottle of Hennessy by Slim Jxmmi, he took a big swig, but you can see the instant regret on his face. He holds it in his mouth and has no intentions of letting that fiery swill down his throat. He looks like a fresh-faced porn star who is new to the game, does her first casting call adult video, receives the splooge orally and she mutters “Do I really have to swallow this?” from her mush mouth.

However, kudos to Mr. Bieber because it appears that he did hesitantly swallow the Henny. And subsequently got lit from that tiny swig.


After taking his medicine, the Canadian pop star quizzically poured Hennessy out on the stage. Fucking Biebs. You’re not supposed to pour out Henny, unless you are actually paying tribute for one of your dead homies. PLUS, it’s not even HIS bottle of Hennessy to pour out! Double party foul.

Not to mention that you’re fucking wasting precious liquor! That’s just straight up alcohol abuse right there. However what if Bieber was not pouring the liquor out for his homies, but pouring it out so he wouldn’t have to drink any more Hennessy? Actually a smart move then.

I can’t take any more of this amateur hour shit. Tupac, hit’em up.