Justin Bieber Wore A Metallica Shirt On ‘Ellen’ And Everyone Is Pissed Off

Justin Bieber Metallica shirt


Justin Bieber has been a guest on “Ellen” all week long to promote his music. During one of his appearances, he wore a Metallica shirt that naturally turned Twitter — and most of the world — on its head. And that really shouldn’t surprise anyone considering the color of an international coffee chain’s cups have inspired unsettling rage across America, and a fun “mom shirt” from Target has managed to offend the mental health community.

Based on that, the internet more or less deems this disgusting act by the Biebs to be a felony.

A quick search of “Justin Bieber + Metallica” on Twitter is equal parts entertaining and stupid. Which, in reality, is like any other day on The Twitter.

There’s even a fucking petition!

Justin Bieber Metallica

Glass half-full? Megadeth managed to make its way into the news, kinda.

My personal reaction is basically the exact same look Bieber is sporting in the photo at the top of this post.

Exactly, Zack. Exactly.

[via deathandtaxes]

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