Let’s Bask In This Glorious 10-Minute Leaked Video Of Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay

We are a mere 63 days 4 hours and 9 minutes until the release of Star Wars Battlefront, not that I’m counting or anything. But on this day we get an extended sneak peak of the highly anticipated multiplayer third-person shooter with 10-minutes of leaked footage.

In this huge 20v20 Walker Assault mode on the planet Hoth, you can get a feel for how massive Battlefront’s world is. The gameplay was taken from closed alpha on PC.

In the video, you see weapon selection menus, clashes between Rebel and Imperial footsoldiers, various AT-AT Walkers downed and buried in the snow and explosions from DF.9 anti-infantry batteries being destroyed by thermal detonators.

The gameplay looks impressive and smooth, which shouldn’t be a surprise since the game was developed by DICE, the creators of Battlefield.

There will be an open beta for the game for all game platforms in early October, that will allow you to experience the Walker Assault on Hoth, one Survival mission set on Tatooine and the new Drop Zone mode.

Battlefront will be available on November 19th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Also on that day, you will be able to get the Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundle. The bundle, which is available now for preorder, have a black limited edition PS4 with Darth Vader on the console Limited Edition version will go for $450. Welcome to the fall and winter season of Star Wars.