Mariah Carey’s Prenup With Billionaire James Packer Contained Some Totally Crazy Stuff

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At some point in our lives, most of us have at least gotten wind of some story about Mariah Carey painting her as a diva. She’s the Mt. Everest of being ‘high maintenance’, and never before has this been more evident than in the details of her prenup with (now ex) billionaire James Packer.

PageSix got ahold of the prenuptial agreement between Packer and Carey and all I can say is HOLY SHIT. Looking through this stuff you can’t help but wonder what these two were doing dating in the first place, it doesn’t even seem like they enjoyed each other’s company based on this shit. Here are some highlights:

— The superstar was allegedly first offered $1 million a year for each full year of marriage by Packer exec Robert Rankin, but her managers flatly refused, saying, “Mariah earns that in 45 minutes for a private performance. This is insulting!”

— Packer’s team followed up with terms on e-mail that included: Carey would get $6 million per year (or $151,385 per week) up to a maximum of $30 million.

— The document also stipulated Carey would get a credit card, but it could only be used for living and staff expenses, not clothes, and could not exceed a certain amount each year.

— No joint bank accounts

— He (Packer) would only provide her use of one private jet for herself, her staff, and her children and nannies. “It shall not be appropriate to provide a second airplane for Mariah’s use, or the use of her children.”

That’s all pretty fucking nutty, we can agree on this, but the next clause is the one that really blew my mind:

The document continues, “James shall have no further obligation to provide clothing for Mariah, but he may, as he chooses, make any gifts of clothing,” and, “Except for gifts between them for their engagement, wedding or on birthdays and anniversaries, no item of jewelry and/or personal adornment costing over $250,000 will be deemed a gift unless accompanied by, or promptly followed by, a writing specifically stating, ‘This is my gift to you.’”

Gifts can only cost over a quarter million dollars if one of them writes ‘this is my gift to you’. Now if that isn’t true romance then I don’t know what is. That’s some shit straight out of a Disney movie, and with reports like this I cannot fathom why this couple ever broke up. Is love not real? Is nothing real?

How’s anyone ever going to leave this?

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…(h/t PageSix)…

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